Our Vision

The COS Network’s mission is to enable everyone, through a little bit of giving, to give BIG! As neighbors, colleagues, family, and friends working together we are able to make a large impact on our local communities.

Our Story

In early 2018, Carrie had a conversation and the idea of The COS Network popped into her head. She shared the idea with Preston who started nurturing the concept. After many months of planning and growth, they pulled the proverbial trigger and began to make their dreams a reality with The COS Network.

Meet the Team

Together we can make the world a better place. It is difficult for one person to make a large impact, but when we all work together, many people can create and cause great change.

Preston Smith

Co-Founder and Entrepreneur, Preston has lived in and contributed to the local community for over four decades. His extensive experience in corporate management and training makes it easy for him to see the needs of the neighborhoods and coordinate the assistance needed to help.

Carrie Lukins

Co-Founder and President, Carrie has lived in the Colorado Springs area for over a decade. She has a heart for helping others and is personally blessed by giving in the local community.

The COS Network Executive Team Together